Mixed-signal integrated circuits for audio, video, networking and wireless communications. Audio ADC, DAC, DSP & Codecs; Video Encoders & Decoders; Networking products & Compass/Magnetic Sensors.

Website : www.akm.com
Distributors : Arrow, Digi-Key
MagJackTM integrated connector modules and passive connectors, magnetics and transformer modules for LAN, broadband and telecom applications as well as circuit protection devices and DC/DC converter modules

Website : www.belfuse.com
Distributors : Arcadian, Arrow, Avnet, Digi-Key, Heilind, Sager
AC-DC Front-ends; AC-DC Open Frame and DIN-Rail Power Supplies; AC input cassette-style converters; modular, linear and high power AC-DC products. Embedded DC-DC converters, including Bus, Isolated and Non-Isolated, Digital POLs and power conversion producst for RF amplifier applications. Rugged power solutions and power conversion for eMobility.

Website : www.belpowersolutions.com
Distributors : Allied, Arrow, Avnet, Carlton Bates, Digi-Key, Master, Mouser, WPG Americas
Transformers, inductors and high frequency magnetics, these wire wound magnetic solutions are found in any power conversion application

Website : www.signaltransformer.com
Distributors : Arrow, Digi-Key, Master, Mouser, Sager
Interconnect products including passive jacks, plugs and cable assemblies that provide connectivity in networking equipment.

Website : www.belfuse.com/ethernet
Distributors : Arrow, Avnet, Digi-Key, Heilind, Mouser, Sager
Resistors - Film & Metal Oxide, Networks, Coils, Inductors, Circuit Protection, Ferrites, SMD & Leaded components

Website : www.koaspeer.com
Distributors : Arrow, Digi-Key, Mouser, SMD, TTI, WPG
Standard and custom displays. TFT, P-Cap, High Brite.

Website : www.kyocera-display.com
Distributors : Arrow, Avnet, Digi-Key, Edge Electronics, Mouser
LEDs, Character Displays, Lamps, Opto-Electronics, Custom LCD Screens, Filament Lamps, Lightpipes,

Website : www.lumex.com
Distributors : Allied, Avnet, Digi-Key, Future, Heilind, Master, Mouser
Leading provider of the world's most popular microcontrollers (PIC, AVR and ARM), power management, mixed signal, interface, timing semiconductors, Hi-performance multi-touch capacitive touch controllers, memories, wired and wireless communications and secure and crypto authentication products. Lower total system cost and faster time to market. Radiation tolerant and space-rated ICs, memories, processors and analog products.  

Website : www.microchip.com
Capacitors. Aluminum Electrolytic / Polymer / Film Capacitors / Double Layer Capacitors.

Website : www.rubycon.com
Distributors : Arrow, Digi-Key, Electro Enterprises, Future, Mouser, NRC, Newark